• 2XU Signs Surf Ironman Ali Day

    15 Apr 2014   /  Alastair Day , 2XU Ambassador , 2XU Compression , Ironman , 2XU , 2xu athlete   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    Another day, another amazing Australian athlete joins the growing  list of elite Brand Ambassadors with  Professional Surf Ironman, Alastair ‘Ali’ Day joining the 2XU team.

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  • A Day in the life of... Melbourne Vixen's Madison Browne

    24 Mar 2014   /  Madison Brown , Maddie Brown , Melbourne Vixens , Australian Diamonds   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    What is it like to play the highest level of netball for both her country and home town?  Australian Diamonds and Melbourne Vixens dynamo Madison Browne shares with us a day in her very busy life...

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  • 2XU Signs Taekwondo Champ Carmen Marton and Swimming Sensation Emma McKeon

    24 Mar 2014   /  Swimming , Emma McKeon , Carmen Marton , Taekwondo , 2XU Ambassador , 2XU Compression , 2XU , 2xu athlete   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    We have just welcomed two new high performance female athletes to our enviable portfolio of elite Brand Ambassadors, Taekwondo World Champion Carmen Marton and Professional Swimmer Emma McKeon. Both Marton and McKeon will train and recover in 2XU Compression and Fitness apparel from now until 2015.

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  • Bronze for Paralympian Jess Gallagher at Sochi!

    21 Mar 2014   /  APC , Jess Gallagher , 2XU Ambassador , 2XU sponsorship , Australian Paralympic Team , 2XU   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    2XU is thrilled Ambassador Jess Gallagher won Australia’s second medal at the Sochi Winter Paralympics, taking home a Bronze on the final day of the games!

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  • WITSUP/2XU Ambassador Hanna Whiteside ready for Ironman numero uno!

    12 Mar 2014   /  WITSUP Scholarship Ambassador Program , Witsup.com , 2XU Ambassador , Ironman   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    It’s just under three weeks from the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships in Melbourne, and our ambassador, Hanna Whiteside’s first attempt at the full iron-distance. So we asked our previous ambassador, Kacey Willoughby, who is also racing in Melbourne, to hit Hanna up with a few questions. We kick the interview off after her race at the Pearl Izumi Huskisson Long Course event.


    WITSUP: How important is it for you to have had this hit out in Husky in the lead up to IM Melbourne? Is it a form finder or a confidence builder, or both?

    HANNA WHITESIDE: Racing Husky was definitely a bit of both. No matter how you’re going in training, only a race can really tell you where you’re at. Four weeks out, I really needed this to be a good race, or I would’ve had major doubts about Ironman. It ended up being the perfect lead-in for me – I felt very strong and finally brought my run back to where I wanted it. It was great heading to finally experience Husky, at a race I’d heard so much about. I have to thank Tri Travel and the crew from Elite Energy for having me, it was such an awesome weekend.

    W: What did you learn from your race?

    HW: I learnt a few things – mostly the little logistical things that I need to fine-tune, such as how to carry all my nutrition on the bike and run etc. I finally learnt what a huge difference it makes to get your nutrition right, as this was something I got completely wrong at Forster. So a big thanks to Margs for helping me out with that. Another thing I found out was that, no matter how many times you race, how much your fitness/strength/speed improves, it never hurts any less!

    W: You are only weeks away from competing in your first ironman, how are you coping with the large volume of training?

    HW: My coach has me doing less volume than a lot of others, but having said that there is still quite a lot. Physically my body is coping very well, I’m almost surprised that I have no niggles or injuries and am able to recover and back up day after day. Mentally it is very much a rollercoaster. Some days I love what I’m doing, walk around smiling and generally being that annoying person saying, “how great is life??!!” Other days training is an absolute chore and I feel sorry for the people around me…  (Only four weeks out and I’m hearing you on this one, everyone around me are walking around on egg shells- Kacey)

    W: Do you have certain rituals for particular training sessions? 

    HW: I don’t really have any rituals. I used to be fairly OCD about certain things but now I honestly don’t have the energy to spend doing weird things on top of everything else.

    W: Being the WITUP.com ambassador for 2013/14 are you feeling the pressure of training and racing? 

    HW: I think at the start, especially for Forster as my first race as ambassador I felt quite a bit of pressure, but not so much anymore. There are so many people at different stages of their triathlon lives who are training for the same events and it feels nice to be part of that communal drive, especially in terms of preparing for Ironman Melbourne. Also because it is my first Ironman I have no expectations other than to give it my best shot, so that helps.


    photo 4

    W: A few weeks ago you went out on a long ride and you cut it short, your conscience got the better of you when you got home and you finished the session on the wind trainer. What was going through your head when you got home early? How did you feel after you completed the session? 

    HW:  Haha. Yeah I felt so guilty when I cut the session short. Just that I was short-changing myself and I knew if I didn’t finish it off that I’d carry this annoyed (at myself) feeling around all day. Not that it would mean anything to anyone else, but it’s important for me to get that feeling of satisfaction by completing each session as best I can. Also for the mental side of things I guess – you don’t want to train yourself to give up easily. After completing the session on the wind trainer I didn’t feel great or anything, it just allowed me to tick that box and move on. Since it was actually harder on the trainer than finishing it off on the road there was also that little voice in my head saying, “see, you won’t make that mistake again!” (Yep that little voice always gets the better of us. Hold your head high for ticking that box – Kacey)

    W: What’s your strongest leg?

    HW: Definitely left. Right one is fairly average (Smart arse, we will get along great when we meet! – Kacey)

    W: Have you had any cravings for any foods or have you lost your appetite for anything? 

    HW: I crave salt. I’d happily eat spoonfuls of Vegemite out of the jar all day long, but I try to replace my electrolytes in more acceptable ways as well.

    W: What are you looking forward to most about Ironman Melbourne?

    HW: Good question! I don’t really know… I think I’ve been focusing so much on the preparation that the actual day still seems a bit surreal. I think it will be getting out on the run hopefully feeling strong and seeing all my friends and other competitors and giving some high fives :) (Ummmm *cough cough* what about meeting me? – Kacey)

    W: What is the first thing you will consume when you finish?

    HW: Watermelon, if they have it. I never really eat it, but at the end of a race there is nothing better than cold watermelon!

    W: When you are on the bike or out running, what keeps you going through the motions? 

    HW: I try to focus on little things, concentrate on what cadence I want to be running/riding, thinking about technique, good form and creating good habits. I tend not to think too much about what is to come or how much time/km I have left as this tends to become overwhelming and make me want to stop!

    photo 3

    W: What’s your favourite training song? 

    HW: No particular favourite, unfortunately I tend to get annoying songs stuck in my head at the start of a session and invariably have the same two lines on repeat for the next two hours.

    W: Do you have your dance moves ready for the after party? 

    HW: They have taken up a significant portion of my training program. I made sure my coach understood my goals and priorities before we started (That’s what I want to hear! Priorities! Stef better look out, her ambassadors will be owning the dance floor – Kacey)

    W: Finally, If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be and why? 

    HW: A food dehydrator. So I can drain the life out of everything to make gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, fun free snacks (So basically make everything tasteless? – Kacey)

    Thanks for the article WITSUP and we cant wait to cheer both Hanna and Kacey on at Ironman Asia Pacific on March 23rd!

  • 2XU boys dominate Ironman New Zealand

    March 1 2014 wasn’t just an incredible 30 year celebration for IRONMAN New Zealand, but a day which saw our dynamic 2XU PRO Triathletes dominate the field in spectacular Taupo, New Zealand. Cameron Brown and Terenzo Bozzone both put up unbelievable performances, walking away with spots on the podium and our newest Ambassador Bevan Docherty, battled hard, but unfortunately was not able to finish the race.

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  • 2XU Celebrates 2014 Compression Collection with beyondblue ‘Performance for Prevention’ Campaign

    In celebration of our vibrant new Compression collection for 2014, 2XU has launched a  powerful ‘Performance for Prevention’ campaign to support beyondblue to drive awareness of the integral role regular exercise can play in preventing and managing depression and anxiety.  From now until March 30, 2014, 2XU will donate $10 from every pair of Compression Tights sold across its national retail network of 2XU Performance Centres, 2XU Outlet Stores and 2XU.COM.AU.

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  • 2XU Katya Crema's 2014 Sochi Wrap Up

    5 Mar 2014   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    2XU's dynamo ski cross superstar Katya Crema has returned from her second Games with an outstanding performance, finishing overall seventh! The, 25, skied aggressively throughout the event and received her reward by reaching the last eight of skiing’s most unpredictable event.

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  • 2014 Compression Collection In stores NOW!

    24 Feb 2014   /  2XU products , Coloured X Compression , 2XU Compression , 2XU   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    The first of our brand new 2XU 2014 Compression collection has hit the shelves across Australia, and this year is set to offer more colour than ever – for both ladies and GENTS!

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  • 2XU’s Melbourne Vixens kick start their 2014 Season!

    21 Feb 2014   /  ANZ Championship , Melbourne Vixens , Netball , 2XU sponsorship , 2XU Compression , 2XU   /   0 Comments   /   Comment

    The countdown is on for the 2014 Netball ANZ Championship to get underway with the  Melbourne Vixens season commencing Sunday 2 March. As Official Compression sponsor of the team, 2XU looks forward to watching the girls in high performance action!

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